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  • World War II and A Brief History of Ergonomics
    You’ve all heard about ergonomic chairs, ergonomic keyboards, ergonomic mice, ergonomic peripherals – the word ergonomic itself has become somewhat a gimmick, to imply that certain tools, or to be more precise, certain office tools (which is where most of the ergonomic-[insert product] market focuses on these days) are to be placed on a whole … Read more
  • My Office Desk Lamp is Too Hot – How to Make it Cool!
    It is normal for lamp heads to become warm as the bulb can generate a lot of heat whilst in operation. To help you resolve this, its worth understanding why it gets hot. How hot your lamp gets is basically down to the power output and type of bulb that you are using in your … Read more
  • How to Optimize Your Studio Apartment Living Space – Getting the Right Furniture
    If you come here and are intending to actually read what’s below, congratulations, you’re hoping to either get wealthy enough to have a larger place to live for yourself or make full use of the tiny cubicle you’re holed up in – which is usually referred to fancily as studio apartments, or studio flats (for … Read more
  • My Office Chair is Too Big For Me – How to Make it Fit!
    Introduction There may be many reasons why your office chair is too big. It could be that the chair was made with larger adults in mind, or you are just a smaller individual. You may have just inherited a larger chair? Whatever the situation, you have a bigger chair than you’d like and need to … Read more
  • How to Make a Small Office Look Bigger (Some Great Tips!)
    Well, size isn’t everything! Let’s be brutally honest, a bigger one, most of the time, is better than a smaller one… office that is! But for those of us that don’t have a huge office, there are ways you can maximise it’s look and feel to at least make your office seem bigger. I’m not … Read more
  • How to Calculate Home Office Space
    This is the second of two articles which will guide you through going from a laptop couch-potato, to a home based entrepreneur in the making. The first article, if you haven’t seen it, takes you through the process of finding space for a home office. If you have read that one, welcome back! Step 2 … Read more
  • How to Find Space for a Home Office – Without Moving Home
    How do I find space for a home office? The short answer is to perform a review of your home to understand what space there is; and then to assess if any rooms could be re-purposed, what furniture could be sacrificed to create space, or what outbuildings could be converted. Proceed with drawing up a … Read more
  • Should my Home Office Have a Ceiling Fan – How to be a Cool Home Worker!
    Introduction It is recommended that you have some sort of cooling down system in your home office, especially if it is upstairs or somewhere without adequate air circulation, if that’s you may be thinking ‘should my home office have a ceiling fan?’ A correctly cooled home office makes for a better working environment If your … Read more
  • My Office Chair is Not Comfortable – Soothing & Simple Suggestions!
    Lets get that chair more comfortable! Your back is aching, your arms are sore, your neck hurts… and you cannot seem to get comfortable while working at your office desk. Not being able to sit comfortably in your chair is an all-too-common problem, but there are ways to correct it, and we’re here to give … Read more
  • Office Chair Height Adjustment – How to Get it Right
    Don’t sit in discomfort! No matter which way your office chair adjusts, it is important to know how to do it properly so you can find the perfect height for you. The height of your office chair is important for keeping you comfortable and preventing back, shoulder and neck pain. If the height of an … Read more
  • The 5 Steampunk Styled Keyboards from Datamancer – Truly Unique!
    These days, sitting in front of a computer screen isn’t as fun and exciting as it used to be anymore, mainly because computers are now used more for work and school purposes, both of which are pretty boring. But there are ways to make it fun, either by getting loads of office gadgets to fill … Read more
  • Where to Position a Desk in Your Home Office – Top Tips
    More often than not the dimensions and the pre-existing contents of your home office will dictate where you locate your desk. But if you could locate it anywhere, what would be its optimal position? The Perfect Location The ideal place for your home office desk to be situated would be central to your workspace, a … Read more
  • Buying a Leather or Mesh Fabric Office Chair – Which is the Best One!
    Are you a child of the ‘old school’ or or a modern darling? If the latter you’ll probably seek to own a contemporary Office chair with shiny steel and gloss wheels and matte black mesh upholstery. If you are a child of earlier years then your tastes may be a bit more classic. Waxed wood … Read more
  • How to Fix a Squeaky Office Chair – In Easy Steps
    If you’re an office or home worker, you could spend up to 40 hours a week sitting in an office chair. That’s a lot of time, and if your chair is squeaking; that can prove to be really distracting and annoying. You’ll either be annoying your work colleagues, family members… or just driving yourself crazy. … Read more
  • Ergonomically Assess Your Own Home Office Workspace – The Right Way!
    Your Body is a Temple! It truly is the best tool you’ll ever own, so look after it. You might be thinking, “I’m not bungy jumping here, just quietly sitting at my desk doing my work.” And, like many other folks that are working from home, or browsing the internet, researching their next book… sure … Read more
  • Ergonomic Keyboards for Wrist Pain – Your Best Options
    Alas, an article about keyboards, the tools that guarantee your hourly journeys’ safety to the Internet, a place of wonders and memes. Also they guarantee that the potentiality of getting fired from your office job is significantly reduced, as long as you type really fast when your boss is looking. In a Rush..? Here are our Top … Read more
  • My Desk has Sharp Edges – Quick Tips to Fix it!
    Is your desk digging into an arm? Or do you have a table that cuts into your wrists? If you do, then below we have some really simple to steps for you to follow to avoid having to buy a new desk, table of piece of furniture. How do You Remove Sharp Edges From Furniture? … Read more
  • Make Your Home Office Look Professional
    Whatever the reason for working from home, it’s always good to style your home office to complement its use – to make your home office look professional.  If your home office is to look professional, then the reality is you need to keep it formal, tidy, and in keeping with what you use it for. … Read more
  • The Best Desk Top Cleaning Products – For A Spotless Desk!
    Best Desk Top Cleaning Products Having a clean workspace is essential to staying productive and motivated, but keeping your desk clean and tidy can be a challenge. It’s made easier if you have the right tools. There are some great desk top cleaning products can help you make sure that your workspace is always spotless. … Read more
  • How to Make a Fab Home Office in Your Bedroom
    Introduction It is becoming more and more common for every home to have a room which is used as an office. Whether it is dedicated or simply set up in the guest bedroom, there are certain things to consider when creating a home office in your bedroom. This article aims to address the questions around … Read more
  • Lighting for Your Home Office – We’ll put you in the Spotlight!
    The importance of how well lit your own working environment is cannot be overstated, get it wrong and it will lead to you being more susceptible to office fatigue. That’s mental exhaustion brought about by the taxing of the brain, exposure to monitor glare, physical inactivity, stress, etc… When you’re working from your home office … Read more
  • The Best Room Divider for Home Office – 12 Perfect Partitions!
    Using a Room Divider smart way to notch out space for work and keep distractions to a minimum. Having a small home can feel like there’s no place left to squeeze in a home office. However, there are ways that you can create an office without taking up too much space, disrupting the rest of … Read more
  • Maximize Your Workspace with 9 Great Under Desk Storage Solutions
    Introduction Have you ever felt like your workspace is cluttered and you could use more storage space? Unless you have a custom-built home office, or dedicated home office room, you will likely be challenged for space. If so, you’re not alone. Many people feel like their workspace is cramped and that they lack storage space. … Read more
  • Find the Best Ergonomic Office Chairs for Bigger People
    If you are a big person, which inevitably means you are heavier, then you will need to make sure that your office chair is up to the task of supporting your weight, whilst still being ergonomically functional and comfortable. It must cater to your dimensions. We didn’t want to issue this article as a ‘best … Read more
  • Get Maximum Benefit from a Lumbar Support – How to Position it Perfectly.
    If your gaming or office chair does not have lumbar support, it’s time for a change as a Lumbar support is essential for your comfort and overall spinal wellbeing. This article aims to emphasize how important having one is, and to provide advice on how to effectively position it for maximum comfort. What Exactly is … Read more
  • The Best High End Ergonomic Chairs for Bad Backs
    Many rich people have bad backs after hours of stooping down counting money at their desks, not knowing that there are tools out there that help them have a better time counting. In the same roots as a previous article, here I present to you the best high end ergonomic chairs for bad backs. On … Read more
  • The Most Wanted… Computer Trackball Mice of 2023
    Based on Amazon’s tracking mechanism, no pun intended, here I delivered to you a list of most wanted… computer trackball mice in the entire universe. According to Amazon users’ POV of the universe, at least. ‘Most wanted’ products do not necessarily mean the best selling ones. This is the case because of the variations of intents … Read more
  • 9 Cool and Useful Gadgets for Use In Your Home Office
    To the tens of thousands of subscribers that I gained last month (*cough*) for Think Home Office with my one and only article so far “10 Best Ergonomic Chairs for Neck Pain”, here’s a little something else to refresh the place a bit. And your office, obviously. From smart pens to exercise pedals, I will … Read more
  • Could my Office Chair Explode – Really?
    While it can seem like a plot from a James Bond movie, the reality is that office chairs can, indeed, explode. This article explores the causes, looks at the real-life instances and preventive measures associated with this rare but potentially very dangerous phenomenon. The Unsettling Possibility: Can Office Chairs Explode? In the realm of office … Read more
  • How to Mount a Monitor – With or Without Drilling Holes!
    Mounting a computer monitor in your home office can offer numerous benefits, such as freeing up desk space, improving ergonomics, and creating a more organized workspace; it will also look more professional and neater. However, not all monitors come with built-in VESA holes for easy mounting. Don’t worry though, because in this comprehensive guide, we … Read more
  • Will You Work Better with a Minimalist Desk – We Think So!
    Minimalist design is characterized by minimal decorations, colors, and clutter, favoring neutral or monochromatic color schemes and simple furniture – avoiding bold patterns. The minimalist approach believes that simplicity is beautiful and that ‘less is more’. It can greatly enhance your workspace, reducing stress and improving your productivity. We’ll help you get that minimalist work … Read more
  • My Office Chair Gets Hot – Cool & Simple Options for You
    When it comes to sitting in a chair for a long period of time, your comfort will become more of an issue the longer that you remain seated. A contributing factor to discomfort is often becoming too hot, mainly around your back and buttocks. These, of course, are the primary points of contact between the … Read more
  • 10 Best Ergonomic Chairs for Neck Pain – Cure it Now!
    Unfortunately some of us know that neck pain is a very real problem, and one that many of us deal with. In this article, we’ll discuss ergonomics, what ergonomic features a good office chair should have, ultimately to advise on the best office chair for neck pain. We’ll also discuss the typical neck and shoulder … Read more
  • Get the Best Office Chair for a Fibromyalgia Sufferer!
    Fibromyalgia is a long-term health condition which can make life challenging due to its widespread pain and discomfort. For those affected with this condition, finding the ideal seating solution can significantly improve their everyday life, particularly if they are sat down at work for a substantial amount of time. This comprehensive guide will explore what … Read more
  • Suffer From Degenerative Disc Disease – What’s the Best Office Chair?
    Living with Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD) can be challenging, especially if you’re working in a role which requires you to sit for extended periods. A good quality office chair, with the correct features, can make a significant difference. Not just enhancing comfort, but also by promoting a healthier posture – which will alleviate symptoms. In … Read more
  • Suffer From Piriformis Syndrome – What’s the Best Office Chair?
    Piriformis Syndrome is a unique medical condition affecting the Piriformis Muscle located in a persons rear – the buttocks. It is a rare neuromuscular disorder that happens when the piriformis muscle compresses the sciatic nerve, the largest nerve in the body. This compression which is often exacerbated by prolonged sitting can cause a a range … Read more
  • For a Hip Pain Sufferer – What’s the Best Office Chair?
    Hip pain can severely impact your day-to-day life, particularly if you’re bound to an office chair for the majority of your waking hours. Assembling the right tools to manage this discomfort is paramount, including finding the perfect office chair to suit your needs. In this article, we will delve into what hip pain is, its … Read more
  • For an Arthritis Sufferer – What’s the Best Office Chair?
    Employees’ health should be the highest priority in any workplace. Arthritis, a common condition among workers, can significantly impact productivity, hence it is crucial to invest in the best office chairs for arthritis sufferers to enhance comfort. That includes those whom work from home – it’s worth investing in your own wellbeing! While most ergonomic … Read more
  • 7 Great Ergonomic Standing Desk Converters – The Best Options to Ease Your Aching Back!
    Sitting down for long periods of time invites significant health issues, especially if you’re sitting on a bad chair. However, switching chairs isn’t going solve all your problems, no matter how nice that new chair is and how ergonomically potent it may be. It’s just not healthy to stay sat down for the working day, you need to … Read more
  • 5 Easy to Use Accessories to Convert Your Desk Into the Best Value Standing Desk
    Hello, fellow 2023-ers! Alright, that’s it for the welcome. I’m still not too sure that Standing Desks are really on people’s mind yet…well, since indeed working while standing is still a relatively new concept to home office workers or white collar workers in general. This article takes a more unusual route. In essence, a short … Read more
  • Get a Standing Desk? – Expert Chiropractors Highly Recommend it!
    Is a Standing Desk good for you? In today’s fast-paced and demanding work environment, finding a balance between professional success and personal well-being can be challenging. Many jobs require long hours of sitting, which can lead to health issues and discomfort. However, advancements in technology and innovative solutions have provided breakthroughs to address these concerns. … Read more
  • Give Your Leather Office Chair a New Lease of Life: A Complete ‘How to Clean’ Guide
    Introduction If you’re an office worker, you understand the importance of having a comfortable and stylish workspace. One essential feature that can elevate the appearance of your work environment is a leather office chair. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of how to clean your leather office chair. We’ll cover … Read more
  • My Desk Gets so Dusty – Our Great Tips to Combat Dust
    Has your desk become a dust-magnet, and no matter how often you clean, it’s still covered in dust? If so, you’re not alone – my desk gets so dusty as well! Dust is one of the biggest challenges for any desk, office, or workspace; but, with the right products and techniques, you can keep your … Read more
  • The Best Office Chair & Furniture Lubricants
    When a squeaky sound starts to come from a chair as you shift around in it, it can be annoying. That pestering noise can emanate from all kinds of home office equipment— including office chairs, cabinets, and even desks. There is some good news, we can tell you what the best lubricants are for all … Read more
  • Does Working from Home Get Lonely? Ways to Combat Isolation.
    The idea of working from home is incredibly appealing; no more long commutes or having to get dressed up for the office every day, but when the novelty of being able to lounge around in your pyjamas while you work wears off, it can be easily lead to feelings of being isolated. So, does working … Read more
  • Get the Ultimate Massage Chair for Back Pain
    Introduction The development of modern life has led to the necessity of people becoming more sedentary, resulting in an increased number of problems with their backs. A lot of research has been done on this topic by various institutions all over the world. It was concluded that regular exercise is one of the best ways … Read more
  • How to Escape the Office and work from home
    We all want to live the dream… Following your dream of working from home can be a great way to find financial freedom without having to sacrifice the time you want to spend with your family. Whether you’re looking for the courage to finally make the move, want to skip the commute, or just feel … Read more
  • Ergonomic Products – The Good, the Bad and the Stylish
    When one thinks of ergonomic products, the average person doesn’t think of actual ergonomic products and what benefits they provide – they look at the grotesque, curious, uncomfortable looking tools that should not and need not be designed to appear the way they do. It’s similar to placebo effect, you let expectations place strong holds … Read more