The Best Desk Top Cleaning Products – For A Spotless Desk!

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Best Desk Top Cleaning Products

Having a clean workspace is essential to staying productive and motivated, but keeping your desk clean and tidy can be a challenge. It’s made easier if you have the right tools. There are some great desk top cleaning products can help you make sure that your workspace is always spotless. In this blog post, we’ll cover what we believe are the best desk top cleaning products that you need to keep your desk looking its best.

How to Choose the Right Desk Top Cleaning Products

When it comes to choosing the right desk top cleaning products, it’s important to consider the type of work that you do, and your lifestyle. If you work from home, from a home office, you may need cleaning products that are specifically designed for desks, monitors, and other peripherals like keyboards or docking stations. If you work in an office, you may need products that are designed for larger areas. Here are some tips for choosing the right desk top cleaning products for the moderately sized workspace:

  • Think about the type of work you do: The type of work that you do will also affect the type of cleaning products you need. For example, if you’re desk IT equipment – lots of cooling fans – then you’ll need tools to stay on top of dust, as it can rapidly build up around the fan housings and intakes.
  • Consider the materials of your desk: The materials of your desk will also influence the type of cleaning products you need, if you have a wooden desk, you may need a cleaning product that is specifically designed for wood surfaces. That said, most dust cleansing agents are designed for use on multiple surfaces.
  • Read reviews: Before you buy any desk top cleaning product, it’s important to read reviews from other users. Like from us! This approach will help you determine which products are the best for your needs, through the experience of others.

By taking the time to consider your lifestyle, the type of work you do, and the devices that may be impacted through excessive dust, you can be sure to choose the best desk top cleaning products that will be beneficial for your workspace. Below are the items we recommend to keep your workspace dust free, together with links to Amazon if you need it for after you’ve eaten your sandwich!

Microfiber Cloth for Dust

A microfiber cloth is an inexpensive way to quickly and easily clean up dust and other debris, they are designed to trap dust and dirt, making it perfect for cleaning up dust and small debris.

It’s also great for cleaning up monitors, glass, and other sensitive surfaces. Be careful to check the cloth first, to verify it doesn’t have anything that will scratch! I’d recommend using the cloth on sensitive surfaces first, before it picks up any larger debris.

When shopping for a microfiber cloth, it’s important to look for a cloth that is lint-free and non-abrasive. You should also make sure that the cloth is machine-washable, this will mean the cloth will last longer.

A microfiber cloth is an excellent desk top cleaning product for anyone who wants to quickly, and easily, clean up dust and other debris.

They can readily be used in conjunction with cleaning agents and polishes. They can be bought anywhere, but it you want it quick from Amazon, here you are:

For a quick clean up job, we recommend Microfiber cloths

Why we like it?

  • Great at picking up dust.

  • Inexpensive.

  • Readily available.

ECO-FUSED Extra Large Microfiber Cleaning Cloths - 5 Pack - 12 x 12 inch - for Phone, Tablets, TV, Notebook or Desktop- Also for Large Surfaces, Display Cabinets, Mirrors, Glass Tables and Ceramics
  • HIGH QUALITY MICROFIBER CLOTHS ⭆ The pack includes 5 (12 x 12 inches) extra large microfiber cloths. The very fine fibers of the cloth is perfect to pick up grease and dirt.
  • PERFECT for DELICATE SURFACES ⭆ The soft material is highly recommended and safe for all surfaces. Ordinary cloths tend to just push the dirt towards the edges. These cloths are made of high quality microfiber that can lift the dirt off a surface for that clean and smooth finish.
  • GENEROUS SIZE ⭆ These cloths are large enough to clean wide screen TVs, large computer monitors and LCD screens. Each microfiber cleaning cloth can also be used to quickly remove fingerprints, dust and smudges from the screen of your phone, tablet, TV, notebook or desktop computer screen.
  • SCRATCH-FREE CLEANING ⭆ You can use each cloth to wipe away the dust and dirt without worrying about any damaging scratches. The extremely gentle fine microfiber leaves zero streaks or marks.
  • RE-USABLE and LONG LASTING ⭆ These cloths can be used repeatedly. You’ll save money and cut down on household waste. You can wash them by hand or machine, but avoid ironing or bleaching.

Office Duster

An office feather or Microfiber duster is an ideal tool to keep your desks hard to reach ‘nooks and crannies’ clean and dust-free. This type of duster is designed to remove dust, dirt, and other debris from those hard-to-reach places your Microfiber cloth can’t get to. They’re also perfect for cleaning up those pesky cobwebs near the ceiling, if you get one long enough. There best use in this context is for getting around awkward pieces of IT equipment, irregular furniture and wires.

When you’re on the lookout for an office feather duster, it’s important to consider the size and shape of the duster – they come in various guises, even man-made Microfiber duster variants, just think about where you plan on poking it!

Sounds odd, but a feather duster is an essential desk top cleaning product for anyone who wants their workspace to be dust-free – everywhere. Just be aware they have a tendency to ‘displace’ the dust, as opposed to capturing it – this is where a handy vacuum comes in.

For those tricky to reach spots, we recommend a Microfiber duster

Why we like it?

  • Convenient size.

  • Ideal for all those awkward spots.

  • Inexpensive.

Desktop Vacuum

If you want to keep your desk or any space clean, a desktop vacuum is a must-have. Most vacuums come with handy attachments, to help you vacuum all areas of the home or office. Though a desktop vacuum is a small, lightweight vacuum that is designed to clean up small debris. It’s perfect for cleaning up crumbs, dust, and other small problems.

When shopping for a desktop vacuum, it’s important to consider the size and power of the vacuum. If you have a larger desk or work area, you may need a more powerful vacuum that can handle larger messes.

When considering the type of filter the vacuum uses, we opted not to choose a HEPA filter (they are the most effective at removing allergens and other particles from the air). The rationale for this is if you really need that level of filtration, then it’s a better investment to go for a domestic vacuum cleaner – that does it house-wide.

A desktop vacuum is an excellent desk top cleaning product for anyone who wants to keep their workspace clean and tidy, without having to lug out the artillery – the housing vacuum cleaner.

For desktop cleaning we opted for the Goweto Electric mini vacuum & air duster

Why we like it?

  • Combined Air Duster & Vacuum.

  • Several Attachments included.

  • Compact Size.

Goweto Keyboard Cleaner- Mini Vacuum- Compressed Air Duster- Electric Air Can- Computer Cleaning Kit
  • 【Multi-Scene Use】Goweto Air Duster & Mini Vacuum-3 in 1=air duster + mini vacuum+ air pump. We provide 6 different nozzles, can help you clean computers,pc,keyboards,cameras,cars,and Sofa pet hair.
  • 【40000RPM Motor Speed】Small But Very Strong.The Goweto Vacuum Cleaner With 120w Power Motor Provide 5300pa Suction and 26M/S blowing force,Effective Terminate Any Dirt Or Debris.
  • 【 USB Charging &Long term use】 Goweto mini vacuum cordless rechargeable can be fully charged in 2.5 hours and work for last 25 minutes above,enough time to clean the corner of home, car or office. The run time is offering you a high-efficient cleaning experience.
  • 【Lightweight and Compact】: Completely cordless, The ergonomic, non-slip design allows for comfort and precise handling, weighing just 0.88lbs .Cleaning is made effortless and storage is made simple.
  • 【After Sales Service for You】. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our after-sales service at any time, We will reply within 24 hours. ▲Please do not use the air blower when charging.

Anti-Static Spray

If you work with electronics, you may want to consider buying an anti-static spray. An anti-static spray helps to reduce the amount of static electricity that builds up on surfaces, which can damage your electronics. This type of spray is easy to use, and it’s designed to be used on electronic goods, desks and other surfaces.

When looking for an anti-static spray, it’s important to read the label to make sure that it’s safe to use on your electronics. Additionally, you should look for a spray that is specifically designed for the type of electronics that you use. For example, if you’re using a laptop, you may need a spray that is designed for laptops.

An anti-static spray is an essential desk top cleaning product for anyone who works with electronics. We use MMMCL600-3M Anti-Static Electronic Equipment Spray Cleaner – as its made for electronic items.

To help your workspace stay clean, choose some Anti-Static spray from 3M…

Why we like it?

  • Reduces dust build up on your equipment.

  • Also cleans

Air Purifier

An air purifier is an essential desk top cleaning product for anyone who works in an office. Not only does an air purifier help to remove dust, pollen, and other allergens from the air, but it also reduces odors and helps to improve air quality. Air purifiers come in a variety of sizes, so you can find one that fits your workspace perfectly.

When shopping for an air purifier, it’s important to consider the size of your workspace and the type of air purifier that will best suit your needs. There are air purifiers that are specifically designed for large areas, as well as air purifiers that are designed for smaller areas. Additionally, you should consider the type of filter that the air purifier uses. HEPA filters are the most effective at removing allergens and other particles from the air.

An air purifier is an excellent desk top cleaning product for anyone who wants to keep their workspace clean and allergen-free.

To reduce the amount of air-borne dust, the HEPA rated Jafanda Smart Air Purifier is ideal…

Why we like it?

  • Quiet operation (Sleep Mode) makes it perfect for use in an office.

  • True HEPA filtration.

  • EPA Certified.

  • Amazing air filtration - Dust, Smoke, Bacteria, etc.

  • Dimmable light, amonst several more features.

Jafända Air Purifiers for Home Large Room 1190ft² H13 True HEPA Filter,Activated Carbon Remove 99.97% Dust Smoke Odor Pollen Pets Hair Dander Allergies,Quiet Sleep Mode 23dB With Dimmable Night Light
  • 【High-Efficiency】The Jafanda air purifier can purify 1190 ft² spaces 1x per hour, 595 ft² spaces 2x per hour and 238 ft² spaces 5x per hour(CADR:153CFM/260m³/h). Adopting high-tech inset 300g activated carbon in the air filters. Filter 99. 97% dust, pollen, smoke, odors, mold spores, and pet dander, chemical pollution. The air filters catch particles as small as 0.3 microns.
  • 【Smart view air quality】The PM2.5 sensor in this air purifier scans the surrounding air for airborne particles, continuously updating the PM2.5 display so you can see how your air quality has improved.
  • 【Easy operation & 5-Level fan speeds】3-Stage Filtration System and 5-Level Fan Speeds, Adjusting the air purifiers fan speeds selected according to the practical air quality and space. ETL, FCC, CARB, CA65 certified. High clean air delivery rate.
  • 【Whisper quiet air cleaner】 With noise levels as low as 23dB in Sleep Mode, keeping fresh air for your baby child's pets without disruption.
  • 【Official Jafanda Filter】Search "B0B5TDGR7N" or "filter for JF260" on Amazon to find out JF260 replacement filter. Jafanda is a professional filter manufacturer, its filters are the best fit. While non-brand filters are unreliable and may damage the air purifier.

Tips on How to Maintain a Clean Desk

In addition to using the right desk top cleaning products, there are a few tips that you can follow to make sure that your workspace is always clean and tidy. Here are some tips for maintaining a clean desk:

  • Clean your desk regularly: Cleaning your desk regularly will help to prevent dust and other debris from building up. This will make it easier to keep your desk clean.
  • Don’t let messes accumulate: If you notice a mess, take the time to clean it up right away. This will help to reduce the amount of time that you have to spend cleaning your desk.
  • Use the right cleaning products: Using the right cleaning products will ensure that your desk is properly cleaned and disinfected.
  • Keep your workspace organized: Keeping your workspace organized will make it easier to find what you need, which will help to reduce the amount of time that you spend cleaning your desk.


Keeping your desk clean and tidy can be a challenge, but the right desk top cleaning products can make the job a lot easier. In this blog post, we’ve covered the best desk top cleaning products that you need to keep your workspace looking its best. These products include an air purifier, an anti-static spray, a desktop vacuum, an office feather duster, and a microfiber cloth for dust. Additionally, we’ve provided some tips on how to maintain a clean desk. By following these tips, you can ensure that your workspace is always spotless.

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