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  • THO-The_Best_Office_Chair_&_Furniture_Lubricants

    The Best Office Chair & Furniture Lubricants

    When a squeaky sound starts to come from a chair as you shift around in it, it can be annoying. That pestering noise can emanate from all kinds of home office equipment— including office chairs, cabinets, and even desks. There is some good news, we can tell you what the best lubricants are for all…

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  • THO-How_to_Mount_Your_Monitor

    How to Mount a Monitor – With or Without Drilling Holes!

    Mounting a computer monitor in your home office can offer numerous benefits, such as freeing up desk space, improving ergonomics, and creating a more organized workspace; it will also look more professional and neater. However, not all monitors come with built-in VESA holes for easy mounting. Don’t worry though, because in this comprehensive guide, we…

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  • THO-Work_Better_with_a_Minimalist_Desk

    Will You Work Better with a Minimalist Desk – We Think So!

    Minimalist design is characterized by minimal decorations, colors, and clutter, favoring neutral or monochromatic color schemes and simple furniture – avoiding bold patterns. The minimalist approach believes that simplicity is beautiful and that ‘less is more’. It can greatly enhance your workspace, reducing stress and improving your productivity. We’ll help you get that minimalist work…

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  • THO-My_Office-Chair_Gets_Hot

    My Office Chair Gets Hot – Cool & Simple Options for You

    When it comes to sitting in a chair for a long period of time, your comfort will become more of an issue the longer that you remain seated. A contributing factor to discomfort is often becoming too hot, mainly around your back and buttocks. These, of course, are the primary points of contact between the…

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  • THO-Best-Office-Chairs-for-Fibromyalgia-Sufferers

    Get the Best Office Chair for a Fibromyalgia Sufferer!

    Fibromyalgia is a long-term health condition which can make life challenging due to its widespread pain and discomfort. For those affected with this condition, finding the ideal seating solution can significantly improve their everyday life, particularly if they are sat down at work for a substantial amount of time. This comprehensive guide will explore what…

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  • THO-Best-Office-Chairs-for-Sufferers-of-Degenerative-Disc-Disease

    Suffer From Degenerative Disc Disease – What’s the Best Office Chair?

    Living with Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD) can be challenging, especially if you’re working in a role which requires you to sit for extended periods. A good quality office chair, with the correct features, can make a significant difference. Not just enhancing comfort, but also by promoting a healthier posture – which will alleviate symptoms. In…

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