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  • THO-The_Best_Office_Chair_&_Furniture_Lubricants

    The Best Office Chair & Furniture Lubricants

    When a squeaky sound starts to come from a chair as you shift around in it, it can be annoying. That pestering noise can emanate from all kinds of home office equipment— including office chairs, cabinets, and even desks. There is some good news, we can tell you what the best lubricants are for all…

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  • THO-My_Office-Chair_Gets_Hot

    My Office Chair Gets Hot – Cool & Simple Options for You

    When it comes to sitting in a chair for a long period of time, your comfort will become more of an issue the longer that you remain seated. A contributing factor to discomfort is often becoming too hot, mainly around your back and buttocks. These, of course, are the primary points of contact between the…

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  • THO-Best_Ergonomic_Chairs_for_Neck_Pain

    10 Best Ergonomic Chairs for Neck Pain – Cure it Now!

    Unfortunately some of us know that neck pain is a very real problem, and one that many of us deal with. In this article, we’ll discuss ergonomics, what ergonomic features a good office chair should have. Our ultimate aim is to advise on the best office chairs with neck support for those that suffer with…

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  • THO-Ergonomic_Products–The Good,_the_Bad_and_the_Stylish

    Ergonomic Products – The Good, the Bad and the Stylish

    When one thinks of ergonomic products, the average person doesn’t think of actual ergonomic products and what benefits they provide – they look at the grotesque, curious, uncomfortable looking tools that should not and need not be designed to appear the way they do. It’s similar to placebo effect, you let expectations place strong holds…

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  • THO-World_War_II_and_A_Brief_History_of_Ergonomics

    World War II and A Brief History of Ergonomics

    You’ve all heard about ergonomic chairs, ergonomic keyboards, ergonomic mice, ergonomic peripherals – the word ergonomic itself has become somewhat a gimmick, to imply that certain tools, or to be more precise, certain office tools (which is where most of the ergonomic-[insert product] market focuses on these days) are to be placed on a whole…

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  • THO-Optimize_Your-Studio_Apartment_Living_Space

    How to Optimize Your Studio Apartment Living Space – Getting the Right Furniture

    If you come here and are intending to actually read what’s below, congratulations, you’re hoping to either get wealthy enough to have a larger place to live for yourself or make full use of the tiny cubicle you’re holed up in – which is usually referred to fancily as studio apartments, or studio flats (for…

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