The Best Office Chair & Furniture Lubricants

When a squeaky sound starts to come from a chair as you shift around in it, it can be annoying. That pestering noise can emanate from all kinds of home office equipment— including office chairs, cabinets, and even desks. There is some good news, we can tell you what the best lubricants are for all…


Office Chair Height Adjustment – How to Get it Right

Don’t sit in discomfort! No matter which way your office chair adjusts, it is important to know how to do it properly so you can find the perfect height for you. The height of your office chair is important for keeping you comfortable and preventing back, shoulder and neck pain. If the height of an…


Ergonomically Assess Your Own Home Office Workspace – The Right Way!

Your Body is a Temple! Well that’s what I tell my wife… sorry girls, taken! It truly is the best tool you’ll ever own, so look after it. You might be thinking, “I’m not bungy jumping here, just quietly sitting at my desk doing my work.” And, like many other folks that are working from…


How to Fix a Squeaky Office Chair – In Easy Steps

If you’re an office or home worker, you could spend up to 40 hours a week sitting in an office chair. That’s a lot of time, and if your chair is squeaking; that can prove to be really distracting and annoying. You’ll either be annoying your work colleagues, family members… or just driving yourself crazy….


Where to Position a Desk in Your Home Office – Top Tips

More often than not the dimensions and the pre-existing contents of your home office will dictate where you locate your desk. But if you could locate it anywhere, what would be its optimal position? The Perfect Location The ideal place for your home office desk to be situated would be central to your workspace, a…


How to Make a Small Office Look Bigger (Some Great Tips!)

Well, size isn’t everything! Or so my wife tells me! Let’s be brutally honest, a bigger one most of the time is better than a smaller one… office that is! But for those of us that don’t have a huge office, there are ways you can maximise it’s look and feel to at least make…