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Lighting for Your Home Office – We’ll put you in the Spotlight!

The importance of how well lit your own working environment is cannot be overstated, get it wrong and it will lead to you being more susceptible to office fatigue. That’s mental exhaustion brought about by the taxing of the brain, exposure to monitor glare, physical inactivity, stress, etc… When you’re working from your home office…


The Best Room Divider for Home Office – 12 Perfect Partitions!

Using a Room Divider smart way to notch out space for work and keep distractions to a minimum. Having a small home can feel like there’s no place left to squeeze in a home office. However, there are ways that you can create an office without taking up too much space, disrupting the rest of…


Maximize Your Workspace with 9 Great Under Desk Storage Solutions

Introduction Have you ever felt like your workspace is cluttered and you could use more storage space? Unless you have a custom-built home office, or dedicated home office room, you will likely be challenged for space. If so, you’re not alone. Many people feel like their workspace is cramped and that they lack storage space….


Will You Work Better with a Minimalist Desk – We Think So!

Minimalist design is characterized by minimal decorations, colors, and clutter, favoring neutral or monochromatic color schemes and simple furniture – avoiding bold patterns. The minimalist approach believes that simplicity is beautiful and that ‘less is more’. It can greatly enhance your workspace, reducing stress and improving your productivity. We’ll help you get that minimalist work…