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Should my Home Office Have a Ceiling Fan – How to be a Cool Home Worker!

Introduction It is recommended that you have some sort of cooling down system in your home office, especially if it is upstairs or somewhere without adequate air circulation, if that’s you may be thinking ‘should my home office have a ceiling fan?’ A correctly cooled home office makes for a better working environment If your…


My Desk has Sharp Edges – Quick Tips to Fix it!

Is your desk digging into an arm? Or do you have a table that cuts into your wrists? If you do, then below we have some really simple to steps for you to follow to avoid having to buy a new desk, table of piece of furniture. How do You Remove Sharp Edges From Furniture?…


The Best Desk Top Cleaning Products – For A Spotless Desk!

Best Desk Top Cleaning Products Having a clean workspace is essential to staying productive and motivated, but keeping your desk clean and tidy can be a challenge. It’s made easier if you have the right tools. There are some great desk top cleaning products can help you make sure that your workspace is always spotless….


Get Maximum Benefit from a Lumbar Support – How to Position it Perfectly.

If your gaming or office chair does not have lumbar support, it’s time for a change as a Lumbar support is essential for your comfort and overall spinal wellbeing. This article aims to emphasize how important having one is, and to provide advice on how to effectively position it for maximum comfort. What Exactly is…


5 Easy to Use Accessories to Convert Your Desk Into the Best Value Standing Desk

Hello, fellow 2023-ers! Alright, that’s it for the welcome. I’m still not too sure that Standing Desks are really on people’s mind yet…well, since indeed working while standing is still a relatively new concept to home office workers or white collar workers in general. This article takes a more unusual route. In essence, a short…