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Where to Position a Desk in Your Home Office – Top Tips

More often than not the dimensions and the pre-existing contents of your home office will dictate where you locate your desk. But if you could locate it anywhere, what would be its optimal position? The Perfect Location The ideal place for your home office desk to be situated would be central to your workspace, a…


Ergonomically Assess Your Own Home Office Workspace – The Right Way!

Your Body is a Temple! It truly is the best tool you’ll ever own, so look after it. You might be thinking, “I’m not bungy jumping here, just quietly sitting at my desk doing my work.” And, like many other folks that are working from home, or browsing the internet, researching their next book… sure…


My Desk has Sharp Edges – Quick Tips to Fix it!

Is your desk digging into an arm? Or do you have a table that cuts into your wrists? If you do, then below we have some really simple to steps for you to follow to avoid having to buy a new desk, table of piece of furniture. How do You Remove Sharp Edges From Furniture?…


The Best Desk Top Cleaning Products – For A Spotless Desk!

Best Desk Top Cleaning Products Having a clean workspace is essential to staying productive and motivated, but keeping your desk clean and tidy can be a challenge. It’s made easier if you have the right tools. There are some great desk top cleaning products can help you make sure that your workspace is always spotless….


Will You Work Better with a Minimalist Desk – We Think So!

Minimalist design is characterized by minimal decorations, colors, and clutter, favoring neutral or monochromatic color schemes and simple furniture – avoiding bold patterns. The minimalist approach believes that simplicity is beautiful and that ‘less is more’. It can greatly enhance your workspace, reducing stress and improving your productivity. We’ll help you get that minimalist work…


7 Great Ergonomic Standing Desk Converters – The Best Options to Ease Your Aching Back!

Sitting down for long periods of time invites significant health issues, especially if you’re sitting on a bad chair. However, switching chairs isn’t going solve all your problems, no matter how nice that new chair is and how ergonomically potent it may be. It’s just not healthy to stay sat down for the working day, you need to…